Alexandrite And Amethyst Ring

Alexandrite And Amethyst Ring

Searching for the perfect Alexandrite Ring items?

Find unique and great design for Alexandrite And Amethyst Ring. Choose confidently. We have te best of natural alexandrite rings on your references. All of our rings are personally selected and feature a combination of settings and alexandrites.
Choose and selection engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, diamonds, gemstones, metals. Alexandrite Rings carries a wide array of looks, from classic to modern. Alexandrite rings in solid gold alexandrite ring designs set with genuine color change alexandrite gemstones showing natural color differ from daylight to incandescent light changing color naturally from green to red-violet.

Alexandrite And Amethyst Ring are perfect gifts for those occasions. Alexandrite is recognized as the birthstone of June which is also the gem to the 55th anniversary. However, alexandrite will likely make the perfect promise ring, diamond engagement ring, and a wedding ring.

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What is an Alexandrite Ring?

Alexandrite is a various chrysoberyl mineral which is uncommon and phenomenal. It is related to the yellowish and transparent chrysoberyl and chatoyant chrysoberyl. Alexandrite is formed with all the fusion of aluminum, beryllium, plus some traces of iron, titanium, and chromium. This chemical combination is nature’s secret why alexandrite does a hard-to-find, phenomenal and natural color change. To describe the phenomena better, when chromium oxide replaces aluminum in alexandrite, the color changes. It makes it extraordinary as it is often very rare for the natural material to change colors.

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Colors of Alexandrite Ring

The rare gem can change color with respect to the lighting. In daylight, its color can vary from green, bluish-green, grayish-green, yellow, to brown. In lamplight or incandescent light, its color can change to raspberry red, purplish-red, orange or brownish-red. Because of its natural color changing ability, it's been known as by gem aficionados like a stone that is “emerald by day, ruby by night.”

Shape of Alexandrite

Like other gems, Alexandrite might be shaped in virtually all types. Even though it has got the hardness of 8.5, it might be shaped to fancy, heart, trillion, cats eye, oval, pear, round, square and rectangular cushion.

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